Heritage Indian Knights


  • To promote yogic patterns based on Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha to support entire humanity related with their karma and birth.
  • Provide for the whole spectrum of requirements from basic yogic life-style to Self-Realization, related with abilities and efficiencies for entire humanity.
  • Awareness programme to revive yoga from its physical fitness level to real Ashtangayoga practice.



  • To provide yoga separately for physical and spiritual benefits respectively
  • Reveal the 'miraculous' subtle knowledge to public.



  • To save from cultural slavery brought about by the Indian-originated imported versions of modern spirituality.
  • To keep and protect Indian philosophical identity based on Vedas, and to protect against distracted impurities coming through external cultures in the name of Indian originality.


In the ancient story of ‘Palazhi Madhanam’ (Lord Vishnu’s churning of the ocean)for nectar(Aamritam), before getting the nectar, many worldly treasures come out. If it’s possible to separate the poison of ego from these empowering treasures, it helps to build up a joyful dharmic life in this friable world. We work using a purified spiritual platform for Mumukshus(One who earnestly seeks) but the milestones to reach there provide many worldly treasures for humanity.