Chandrakala Yoga

image sampleThere are 7 Stages between Chandrayoga and Chandrakala Yoga:




  • Tuning Programme (Basic course) - Scientific Medicinal Programme. Related with the mind body relation (Annamaya-manomaya kosas)
  • Cleansing Programme (Advance course) - Importance given to Prana-mind, (Pranamaya Manomay kosas) Energy level changes.
  • Neuro -nourishing Navigation (3N method) - Strengthen Mind-intellect (Manomaya Programme Vijnjana maya kosas)relation.
    Betterment of Memory power, Preventing memory loss disorders etc.
  • Sensory Stabilisation Sovereignty (3S) - To maintain equilibrium on senses. (Relate Programme with Manonmani vinjana )
  • Conditional Concentration Coordination - One point concentration through,
    (3C) Programme the withdrawal from scattered conditions.
    (Implementation of Pratyahara and Dharana )
  • Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-1) - Relief from various phobias, Initial Programme – 1st stages of cleansing Vasans
    (Kundalini jagaran methods – Activation
    of subtle chakras, countering 3 grandhis)
  • Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-2) Programme -2
    Healing power. (Ayurveda sidha traditional methods)
  • Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-3) Programme -3
    Feeling various forms of energy. Blooming Sahasrara (Kundalini jagaran procedure using Mantras)
  • Tirumular’s Chandrakalayoga
    Pure spiritual platform towards Self- Realisation. Using 18 sidhars’ traditional lineage. Procedure to Rebirth as a real Sadhaka (Dedication for God realisation).



  Spiritual Preserves Worldy Treasures


Tuning Programme ( Basic course)

  • Regular practice helps to cleanse the annamaya-manomaya kosas(Body-Mind sheaths).
  • This helps to prepare the chariot(Body)and horses(senses) for the entire journey.
  • Here we are using the lunar magnetism as the provider of universal energy
  • This helps the people to improve their mental ability.
  • It helps to cure many neuro-related disorders & stress-related disorders.
  • The most exclusive part of this practice is that it gives high level improvement of immunity system, & hormone balance.


Cleansing Programme (Advance course)

  • It is more subtle but at the same time the effects are more visible
  • Helps to develop and maintain perfect coordination between mind & 5 vayus(manas with panchapranas).
  • Similar to the first stage, it helps to cleanse manomaya-pranamaya kosas.
  • The possibility to separate the panchapranas consciously, helps to control the mindstreams & many such subtle improvements.
  • Gives the chance to taste calmness
  • Helps to energise the physical body & improves our ability to work.
  • Cures many psycho-somatic disorders.
  • Using the possibility to control the vayus separately, we can decide the speed of digestion & rate of distribution.
  • Helps to remove small pains in the body related with energy blocks ourselves.


Neuro -nourishing Navigation (3N method)

  • The method is for improving the transparency of manomaya-vijnyanamaya kosas(Mind and intellect)
  • Here we are aiming the perfect and satvic intellectual control on mind and senses.
  • More deeper practice with major and minor nerve centers(chakras) in the body.
  • Helps to guide you to improve the power of dharana in future stages.
  • Prevent memory loss
  • Provides emotional stability & controls anxiety
  • Supports the neuro-stimulatory medicines for dementia, Alzheimer's etc.
  • Improves concentration power & learning ability


Sensory Stabilisation Sovereignty (3S)

  • The practice of the stage is based on the ancient famous manonmani vijnyana shastra.
  • This aims the uninterrupted coordination in between external and internal senses, and intellect through controlled mind.
  • It provides a stable mind for sadhana and makes an overall control on emotional wavers.
  • Makes beautiful and systematic changes in a persons overall outlook
  • Improves interpersonal relationships & intra-personal relationships simultaneously
  • Reduce energy loss because of imbalanced thought streams and emotions


Conditional Concentration Coordination

  • This is the stage of deeper practice for pratyahara and dharana
  • Longer and dedicated practice of this stage naturally guides a person to immerse in dhyana
  • Dhyana is only an experienceable feeling of the result of dissolution of the outer-world experiences by self
  • Deep observation skill
  • Power to separate the rationalities from floating thoughts
  • Helpful to improve psycho-kenic powers like telepathy for a spiritual empowerment seeker
  • Regular practice helps such seekers to develop psycho-kinetic powers.


Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-1)

  • Initial stage of cleansing vasanas
  • Helps to realise the real detachment
  • Kundalini Jagaran methods -Activation of subtle chakras
  • Countering the 3 grandhis
  • Relief from various phobias
  • Helps to rewrite many strange thinking patterns
  • Improves sattva inclined lifestyle without any external and internal intellectual pressures.


Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-2)

  • Power for subtle energy sensations
  • Possibility to tune with others’ annamaya and pranamaya kosas
  • Empowerment to control and change in physical and pranic(subtle energy body)disorders
  • The spiritual empowerments make the possibility to heal many physical and psychological disorders without medicine
  • The power to stimulate hormones and glands is useful for the betterment of our ancient treatment methods (Ayurveda and Siddha) also.
  • Such treatments are also based on the spiritual empowerments of Blessed Enlightened Masters.
  • The empathetical tuning method with others’ body helps to understand many hidden disorders unknown to them.


Emerging to Eternal Excellence (EEE-3)

  • Possibility to recognize and differentiate the various energy producing objects separately.
  • Helps to separate various deities in temples(especially tantric fixation temples) using the out-coming energies.
  • Get the chance to experience different conscious or unconscious energy bodies and the possibility to communicate
  • This stage normalises our lifestyle with dhyana and internal pleasure
  • Automatic withdrawal from worldly wonders to the internal findings helps us to realise the Goal.
  • Possibility to use and react with subtle and beyond-the-senses energy bodies
  • Helpful to reveal the subtle truth behind many miracles that happen in the physical world
  • Avoid the usage and belief that all subtle body related happenings in the physical world are spiritual


Thirumular's Chandrakalayoga

  • The coordination time of various points in 8 fold path of Patanjali - our scientific basement of yoga
  • Direct guidance from Enlightened Masters, especially our Agastya-guided 18 Siddha lineage
  • Impossible to mention the duration here because it is a dedication only for Self-Realisation.
  • Dedication and detachment
  • Possibility to observe the worldly happenings as an outsider.
  • Because of realisation of rules of karmas it is possible to understand others role of play in the universe without any emotional imbalance.
  • Understanding of the word ‘sacrifice’ only for The Oneness and realising the yama(Internal cleansing) make natural detachments without denying the normal humanity